My name is Linda Aitkin and I live in Sydney Australia. I have always enjoyed writing and photography and am pleased that the internet has provided the perfect vehicle to express these interests in blog form.

May and September was created as a personal blog to explore writing and publishing on a regular basis. I like to observe and reflect on what is going on with me and around me. I hope that others can relate to the issues that I highlight in my writing. The world is a complex place, and we are complex beings. I tend to be wary of simplistic explanations and solutions, and try to be open to the paradoxes of living a conscious life.

In recent years I have discovered a fascination with peoples relationships with things, at all ends of the spectrum, from minimalism to collecting and hoarding.  My own tendency is toward simplicity and minimalism, although I can also appreciate the pleasure and enjoyment people get from their belongings. I believe that its important to respect the different lifestyles that people choose, including how much they own and how they chose to manage it. In 2012 I started a business as a professional organiser which is based on the concept of simplifying and organising. It is intended for people who would like to move in the direction of a simpler and more organised life, and would appreciate a bit of help and encouragement. You can find out more at the Live Light Professional Organising website.


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      Thanks Xavi. I am working on my acceptance!

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