Fire Dream

Yesterday was unusually hot for a Spring day. I had good intentions for the afternoon, but gave in to drowsiness while trying to read, and had an afternoon nap. I was more than a nap. I was asleep for three hours and  kept busy with dreams.

In the last dream we were on holidays at a campsite in the country. The kind with old timber dormitories out in the Australian bushland. We were walking on a track in the bush when we noticed smoke in the air. We came upon a crew of firefighters. They were backburning in an attempt to cut off a fire nearby. They told us to get back to the campsite and pack, as the fire was coming close. We were being evacuated.

When I woke up my first thought was to check out the back windows. I expected to see smoke. The scent of burning bush was hanging in the air. This is what I saw:


The low cloud in the distance is not cloud, but smoke coming from a fire in the southern highlands to the south of Sydney. I turned on the news, and heard that there were fires to the north, west and south of the city. Smoke from the west was blanketing much of Sydney. The line between dream and reality had blurred.

A quick look out the front revealed an ugly black carpet of smoke to the north. This explains the number of planes taking off over our part of the city – it was the only gap of clear sky between the smoke clouds.


Its amazing the havoc created by one hot, dry, windy Spring day. There were 100 fires burning in the state, many of them out of control. Commuters who work in the city and live in the outlying areas were having difficulty getting home with roads and train lines cut.

I feel for the students finishing high school are who are in the middle of their final exams. They were being warned not to take risks to get to school, or to go to a different school. Thats pressure you don’t need!

From our high position the smoky sky created a dramatic sunset. Eerie to think that out there volunteer fire fighters are battling the blazes close up.


We are fine here in the city, but thinking of friends with homes near fire outbreaks. Many homes were lost, and at least one man has died.

Bushfires are part and parcel of living in Australia, although they are not normally so early in the summer. So early in the summer that its still the middle of spring. Australian people are resiliant, and I have a feeling that this summer we will need to be.

Strange that I should dream about being evacuated from a bushfire, when around me other people  were being evacuated for real.

  1. Tammy R said:

    I was wondering how our Australian friends were, and thought of you, when I heard of the fires.

    What a strange dream and, as I find with my dreams, things that weigh on my mind have a way of making their way into mine. Only one time in our 15 years have we dealt with wildfires which were very close to the city. But the homes lost in the suburbs and in the middle of the state, not to mention the farms and forests, was devastating.

    I hope that you are not in for a bad time of it this summer.

  2. LindaMay said:

    Thanks Tammy. The fire situation has worsened and they have declared a State of Emergency for New South Wales. There is a huge fire in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney and they are concerned that it will spread further with predicted hot weather and high winds. So far around 200 homes are lost and it is still threatening small villages and townships in the mountains.

    Although Sydney is OK at the moment the whole city is covered in a blanket of thick smoke. I had some work today but decided not to travel into the city in the unpleaseant and unpredictable conditions. With so much smoke around its best to stay indoors and limit exertion.

    We are watching the map of current fires. If you are reading this close to when it was written you will see the current fires on the map.

    • Tammy R said:

      Oh no, Linda. I didn’t realize how bad it is. As a wife of an asthmatic, I can definitely understand your decision to stay inside. We are thinking of you and hope to hear good news soon.

      • LindaMay said:

        Thanks Tammy. Yes its quite a problem for people with respiratory illnesses and they are advised to stay indoors, preferably in airconditioning. Its hard to know whether to brave the smoke and get on with life, or keep a low profile and stay home. Where I am is a long way from the fires, but we are very conscious of it because of the impact of the smoke.

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