Stretching Myself

I have decided its time to stretch myself. Not just in figuratively, in mind and spirit, which I have already been doing. I need to stretch my actual body which is feeling left behind.

The desire to do something physical flows from two observations. I am gaining weight, and feel as supple as a block of wood. My first thought was to fight against the increase in weight by going to a gym and banishing it with exercise, but something is holding me back. You see I am at a stage of life when women’s bodies change and a tendency to gain weight at the hips often results. Rather than declare war on weight, my aim is to embrace health and wellbeing and see where this change takes me.

My lack of balance and flexibility is a bigger concern. I want to protect myself from injury and feel at ease in my body. I needed a solution that was wholistic and respectful of my bodies changing needs. Rather than go to the gym at the end of my street, I am catching the train a few stations south to an Iyengar Yoga School.

I have done Iyengar Yoga before. It’s very precise in it’s instructions. It’s all about awareness. It uses the body as a vehicle to learn how to extend yourself, how to grow in skill and meet challenges. That’s the kind of approach that I need. I am moving away from the mainstream culture towards alternative ways of living and behaving. I am seeking out ways of doing things that foster balance and harmony.

After 10 days I am happy to report a noticeable change in my body. Thanks to yoga it now feels like a block of wood with wiggly toes. Hopefully the rest of my body will be similarly liberated in due course.

  1. Tammy R said:

    I love it, Linda! Good for you. I am horribly inflexible (in body) and used to take a yoga class. As I am getting along in years, I think that stretching must make its way back into the routine.

    I hope your practice continues to yield results by the bushel.

    • LindaMay said:

      Thanks for the encouragement.

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