On Holiday With DeVices

Tomorrow I will be heading to Melbourne Australia with some of my devices. The digitals are getting a sabbatical. Or a working holiday.

It’s taken more time to charge, install, update, upload, download, delete (and watch youtubes) in readiness to go away than it did to pack actual stuff to take.

Perhaps it would make more sense to disconnect altogether but I don’t want to go into digital withdrawal. So I am patiently tapping out this post on the iPod as a trial run.

Things change so fast. Yesterday I took my toner cartridges in for a refill. The guy laughed and said “I remember these!” Yes folks my printer is EIGHT YEARS OLD. (Bold courtesy of guy in shop.) As old as a child! Hang on – that’s not old is it?

Are printers running on dog years like all the other devices and aps. Or mosquito years? Seems like we are chewing up time and stuff at breakneck speed.

In the meantime I will keep trying to squeeze utility out of what I’ve got – self and devices.

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  1. Ha!!! We experienced something similar when we purchased new phones a few years back (mosquito years indeed) and the plan we had signed up for no longer existed and the staff had trouble figuring out how to transfer our data from our ancient phones to our new ones. Have a blaster of a Wednesday!

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