Enjoying the Slow Lane to Personal Growth

I am loving all the great ideas thats out there in blogland. There’s so many great writers and so much useful information. It makes me realise again that the world if full of interesting thoughtful people, and we can all learn from each other. Sometimes I read blog post and think, wow, I wish I had read this years ago, because that perspective would have really helped me along my way.

Even so, I have to remind myself that I have been reading and learning and experiencing and growing throughout my whole life, and will continue to do so. Personal growth is a slow process. Growth, by its very nature, happens gradually over time. It usually takes place so slowly that you can’t see it, although you can start to discern the effects.

It seems like it would be handy to have all the necessary wisdom for living in a 10 point list, but it doesn’t work that way. Lists of fabulous advice abound, but its not as simple as just reading what to do and doing it. Developing as a person isn’t just a rational process, is an integrative process that involves our hearts, minds and souls. We need time to absorb and adjust to each new learning in order to be ready to learn the next thing.

Growth is also often about healing, and healing takes time. There’s are no shortcuts to working through the grief and pain of the past that we might feel are holding us back. Some of the things we struggle with run very deep, and are best healed through ongoing relationships with other people, and through experiences in the everyday world. Its not as simple as reading a list of good advice and applying mind over matter. Even the best advice can be hard to take in when you feel like you can’t trust your own mind, you are paralysed by lack of confidence, or your heart is aching.

Growing as a person is a process to be taken slowly and savoured. It may not always be fun and the way may not always clear, but it can be interesting, and even enjoyable. Hope and confidence will grow if you remind yourself that you are on a journey of learning and discovery, and allow yourself to believe (or even just hope) that healing and change are possible.

Some of my deepest learning has come from long term participation in therapy and meditation practices which allow a gradual deepening in understanding. Although reading is a great source of wisdom and encouragement, at the end of the day personal development is primarily an experiential process. I probably wont be writing a blog post on 10 steps to happiness because I know there’s a lot more to it. What I can do is share a little bit about my perspective, and if it helpful, then thats great. Lets enjoy each other’s company in the slow lane.

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  1. The trouble with the slow lane is that it lacks urgency–an urgency that recognizes that we are all going to die. Any assumption that we can take our time assumes that we have time to take. We may not.
    Instead, we can bring a vibrant and joyful urgency to going to war with our weaknesses. If we’re awake, we can clean up our spirits quickly. Who wants to live with self-pity and victimhood for long? We need to throw everything we have at these fundamental weaknesses, or we will be stuck, circling in an eddy, going nowhere.

    I have been addressing these urgent issues at http://www.thepoisedlife.com

    Please come and visit the fast lane.

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