Quiet Time

Its a while since my last post because I have been enjoying being quiet. Its nearly a year since my final day as a full-time employee, and in that time I have explored a lot of interests and options, including writing this blog. Its been a fascinating time, and I have enjoyed the journey, welcoming each unexpected twist and turn.

The latest twist, which I didn’t see coming, is that I am beginning to think that I may have retired. I didn’t think I was retiring when I left my job, and I have been exploring different money making options. None have really come to fruition, but thats OK.  If I live very simply I have enough to tide me over until my superannuation is available.

Accompanying this desire to be retired is the desire to be quiet and refective. The urge to write and take photos has subsided, and my mind wants to be quiet and still. I have loved blogging, but it does occupy a lot of space in the mind, and its a very outward activity. For a while, I am going to be going inward, being quiet, reading, journaling, reflecting, meditating, and paying attention to the world around me.

I don’t know what is going to happen next, as that will come out of the stillness. For now I need to let go of distractions and listen to the small quiet voice. In the meantime I may not be posting as often because I feel inclined to keep my thoughts private for now. I will write something if I feel the urge to share it, but I won’t be following a regular schedule.

I just wanted to let friends and regular readers know that I am fine, and still pursuing my journey of self discovery, even though I am not saying much just now. I feel content with where I am and have appreciated you reading and following along with me.



  1. Enjoy your quiet time. I love the idea of what you are pursuing, and look forward to a time when i can do the same.

    I hope you come back when you are ready with more words of wisdom.

  2. hoombah said:

    As Mark says, hope you enjoy your quiet time, Linda. And if you return to blogging, I cannot wait to see what this quiet time produces;)

  3. Becky said:

    Hmm, I certainly can relate to a lot of what you have said here. A change in life can sometimes require a pause in life. Enjoy your time, reflecting, writing, reading and discovering the world around you. Sometimes it’s more difficult to sit back and observe then it is to “do” – but it is really important to take care of your soul/self too. Looking forward to reading and hearing from you when you write again.
    God Bless!

  4. LindaMay said:

    Thanks everyone for you kind comments. It seems a pity to be going quiet just when I am connecting with you all, but I think its important to trust my instincts and take a bit of time out when I need to. Or should I say “time in”. The blogging community have been a great source of encouragement while I have been out of the workforce and not seeing people face-to-face everyday.

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