Linking Back: Making Time for the Important Things

Yesterday I got a FaceTime call from my teenage protegee who was looking for assistance with maths problems based on Pythagoras Theorum. I am happy to report that I was able to quote the theorum off the top of my head and assist in the calculation of the height of a kite from the ground, and the bottom of a ladder from a wall. Go Aunty Linda. Not much help was needed and I fear I will soon be left behind on the maths front, however I do enjoy our little video homework hook-ups. (Clicking on the link to the Theorum is not mandatory.)

I enjoyed a thoughtful post titled Is Minimalism Naive? at The Other Side of Complexity. Mike has picked up on an interesting concept, that there is simplicity on the other side of complexity, but you need to get through some complexity to get there. This post provides encouragement to work through that complexity to get yourself into a better position. Anyone who has tried to do a significant decluttering project will probably relate to this concept. It also resonated with me as I was resolving my dispute with the internet advertising company earlier in the week. Letting go of my idealised view of what should be happening and taking on the battle was necessary to get out of a messy situation.

Joshua Becker wrote a post this week called 5 Live-Giving Truths From 5 Years of Living with Less, marking the 5 year anniversary of his minimalist journey. I could relate to his first truth, that “Desiring less is even more valuable than owning less”. I find it encouraging when people writing about minimalist lifestyles go beyond the benefits of having less physical clutter and express the deeper benefits of a less materially oriented way of living.

Leo Babauta from Zen Habits has recently released The Little Book of Contentment. There’s plenty of great advice and wisdom in this little eBook. I particularly liked his description of Where Happiness Comes from and Finding Happiness Within.

The most moving thing I saw this week was the video of My Last Days: Meet Zac Sobiech.  If you haven’t come across this story, then I suggest you take a look when you have 20 minutes of quiet time. The video is a celebration of Zac’s life, and a farewell to his family and friends as he faces death from bone cancer. I understand he passed away since the making of the video. What a wonderful young man he was. I hope I can face life and death as well as he did.

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  1. Becky said:

    I saw the video of Zac Sobiech, what an amazing young man. There are no words really – it was just amazing!!

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