Valuing Things

Valuing things is at the heart of minimalism.

If you have very modest means, you may only own one of everything.

My bowl, my dress, my shoes, my pencil, my notebook.

Each item is treasured, because it was hard to come by.

A new purchase is prioritised, saved for, carefully selected, and eagerly awaited.

A much loved item that wears out or goes missing is sorely lost.

Having less, we see the true value of each item.

How many dinner sets do you need? How many mugs? How many TVs? How many cars? How many houses?

Each new multiple reduces our appreciation of the value of the one, and what it does for us.

Choosing to have fewer things, we become aware again of the value of each individual thing, and what it brings contributes to our lives.

Minimalism is about having less, and appreciating what we have.


  1. JD said:

    Very true words. Always good to keep in mind when in the process of simplifying. Anytime I’m tempted by ‘more, more, more’ I have to come back to this value principle.

  2. I so strongly agree with you. We love not having fifty of everything, and truly value what we do have, yet we find it hard to help others to understand this. I guess we just need to keep on appreciating.

    • LindaMay said:

      Yes, keep on appreciating, that sounds good. The best way to demonstrate the benefits of your lifestyle is to be happy with who you are and content with how you live. That speaks for itself. I took a quick peep at your at your Minimalist Couple blog and it looks really interesting.

  3. Beautiful, Linda May. I agree wholeheartedly. “We become aware again of the value of each individual thing” – what a line!

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