Linking Back: Shifting Priorities

You aren’t supposed to be getting two Linking Back posts back to back.  I have been busy this week sorting myself out, so that I can give this blog and other writing projects more attention. The theme for the week has been shifting priorities and making time for what is most important. Some of my reading this week has been on a similar vein.

I enjoyed a guest post on Courtney Carver’s blog Be More With Less by artist Jeane George Weigel. Jeane talks about the courage it took to leave a corporate job to pursue life as an artist, and the personal growth that has resulted. I could relate to her comment about her former life. Indeed, I could have written it myself:

I didn’t make these major changes quickly or easily. I was aware for years that my life didn’t seem to fit me, or I didn’t fit it, but I wasn’t sure what else I was supposed to do. I felt unhappy on a level I wasn’t willing to acknowledge and I used to say that if I knew what I wanted to do I’d go do it.

I am also appreciating CJ and Tammy Renzi’s book The End of Wishing Our Days Away. CJ and Tammy blog about their lifestyle change at The Great Jollyhoombah. Their story is one example of how a health crisis can call into question demanding traditional work roles and unhealthy habits. For the Jolly’s this led to a simpler and more intentional lifestyle. And fun of course. Lots of fun. They bring to mind the (mis)quote “I’ll have what they’re having”.

I had a chance to hear a woman speak who has been working on healthcare and education projects in the islands to the east of New Guinea in Milne Bay Province. When talking about the motivation for her work she described about how the people cried when talking about the lack of healthcare in their remote communities. The expression for crying its “dropping water”. She said “How can you sit and listen to people dropping tears”. A living example of compassion in action.

I have been suffering from “Be careful what you ask for” syndrome, as one quickly made intuitive decision has started a snowball effect.  Having decided to give up trying to sell greeting cards as a money-making exercise, I quickly realised that I no longer needed to maintain a separate photography blog for the purpose of promoting them. I am therefore taking a break from ImageChest Photography. I will include photographic posts here when they fit in with the flow. My final post on the photography blog, for the time being at least, was more pictures of my outing at Luna Park and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Hot on the heels of that decision came the admission that efforts to promote my Professional Organising business have not been successful and that whole project needs a serious rethink.

These decisions are possible because am starting to feel clearer about the general direction I want to take and developing criteria to by which to judge potential projects. I want to direct my efforts to projects which contribute to my happiness and wellbeing, and stand up to the test of simplicity and lightness. I want to have time for writing and photography. This feels like the right track to be on, although letting go of some activities that were consuming a lot of time has created a gap which is a little spooky. Nevertheless, having cleared away some distractions I think I will be better able to make decisions that take me towards the future I hope to create for myself.

DB27 Side of Path near St Agnes Beacon

  1. Tammy R said:

    Linda, it is so good to hear your thinking on prioritizing. For me, it seems that I always wanted thing to be “done” and move on only to realize, sometime in my 30s I believe, that life is constantly evolving. Once I accepted this, I was more at peace. It seems you already have that down!

    CJ and I were delightfully surprised to see the pingback on the book and to come and see that you’re enjoying it. Thank you so much for spending your time with our story, and we would love to hear your feedback as a writer and reader. It is our first co-endeavor of this sort, and any and all feedback is so welcomed!

    We hope you are enjoying a fine day in Sydney or the place in which you find yourself today!

    • LindaMay said:

      Thanks Tammy. I finished your book since writing the post. I really liked the section about reading good books; it made me inspired to go and grab Moby Dick. I didn’t, but you know what I mean. I have been doing a lot of blog reading the last 12 months, but I want to get more literature and serious non-fiction writing back in the mix. I am reading a book on journalling next, to compliment my writing course.

      • Tammy R said:

        We are so happy to hear that section resonated with you. I love hearing about your reading and writing plans. We just recently started The Enchantress of Florence by Salman Rushdie. I am less than ten pages in, but I am already mesmerized. Reading the great authors is right up there with watching the sun rise and set – at least for me!

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