Finding Focus

Want to come for a walk? I’m here in North Sydney with time on hands before a meeting and I thought we could take a stroll towards the harbour. We might see the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the way.  Yeah, there it is. Let’s go down this way and take some photos.

P1050626 - Version 2

I’m not exactly sure where we are. I’m a southsider and this is the north side. I think we are heading towards Lavender Bay. This must be the entrance to artist Wendy Whitely’s Secret Garden. We won’t go in now, its getting dark.

P1050636 - Version 2

I wonder what would happen if we went down here. Yes, it is Lavender Bay. I hope this isn’t a dead end. It looks pretty, lets go through.


There it is. The Sydney Harbour Bridge, and Luna Park too.

I don’t know how I am going with this low light photography. Its not my specialty. Well nothing is really. I just like to take photos to tell stories about a particular place or experience. Thats Milson’s Point on the left, you can see it has become very built up to take advantage of the harbour views. On the right is the Sydney Central Business District, known as “the city”. You can just see a tiny Centrepoint Tower.

P1050661 - Version 2

I’m pretty sure we can get around past Luna Park from here.

This is a great place for photos, but those joggers are a nuisance. They must be releasing them at 10 second intervals. Here I have done the right thing and set up the camera on a pylon to avoid camera shake. Then along comes a jogger on the wooden boardwalk. Boing, Boing, Boing. I bet Ansel Adams didn’t have this problem.


Look in here, its North Sydney Pool. We can make out a train on the northern approach to the bridge at the top right of the picture. The smiling reflection of the Luna Park entrance looks sinister. Reminds me its nearly dinner time.

P1050717 - Version 2

OK, I can’t blame the joggers this time, as I am on dry, stable land again. Its just me. I don’t have a tripod and I’m getting hungry. Interesting perspective though.

P1050720 - Version 2

To hell with it. Lets blur the image on purpose. Sydney Harbour Bridge like you have never seen it before.

P1050725 - Version 2

I did manage to get some good shots along the way, but I thought it would be fun to tell a story through the out-takes. I will do a profile on Luna Park and the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the ImageChest Photography website when we get back from our virtual holiday down south on the Illawarra Coast.

Focus is a theme for me at the moment as some of my projects are not thriving and I need to consider where to put my efforts. The ImageChest Etsy Store is not going well and between you and me I am beginning to doubt whether someone in London England wants to buy a photographic greeting card featuring Paris France from someone in Sydney Australia. Given the cost of postage from Australia to the rest of the world, it would almost be cheaper for them to go there and take their own photos. Although I love travel photography, I wonder if it would be better to concentrate on telling my uniquely Australian story.

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