Many Blogs One Voice

Somehow since starting this blog last year I have managed to create a situation where I have three blogs/websites, four blog readers, two Facebook pages and one Facebook group, a Linked In account, two Pinterest accounts and online selling accounts  with eBay, Gumtree, and Etsy. No wonder I don’t have time for TV.

Some of this activity has been for the purpose of exploration. Learning how to write online, to sell online, and how to make good use of my photography. I don’t do everything everyday, however it does sometimes feel a bit too complicated.

Originally I was trying to keep these activities separate from each other, but that became impossible, and I was losing the benefits of being able to direct people from one site to another. However this makes it all the more important that what I write in once place does not undermine or contradict what I say in another. If someone who wants to hire with me as a professional organiser finds their way over here to May and September, I want them to feel comfortable with the person they find here. If someone interested in my photographs finds my professional organising board on Pinterest, I want them to get an accurate impression of who I am. The posts on each site might be emphasising different themes, or taking a different tone, but overall I hope that there is some coherence between them all.

This is the blog that is easiest to write and feel like the truest voice, the closest to how I really think and feel. I am comfortable with the photography blog. It has a lighter tone, being about images rather than words. Since I started the Etsy store it has been challenging working out how stay true to my original vision for that blog while linking it in with selling greeting cards. I am still working that through. I am not really comfortable with Facebook, Linked In or Pinterest at this point, and maybe I will need to rethink those.

The most difficult blog to write has been the blog page on my professional organising site. It has been a struggle to develop a consistent tone and rhythm of postings. Recently I have realised that I have been unconsciously trying to “sound like a professional organiser” and this has me to feel the need to write about how to sort and organise stuff. I now realise that I have got things backwards. I never dreamed of being a professional organiser, I just made a change in my own life and that led to me wanting to help people lead simpler lives. I wanted to make myself available to stand with them in the mess, literal and metaphorical, and help them work out what to do about it. “Professional Organiser” turned out to be the closest name I could find for that activity, but by choosing that term to define what I was doing, I took on the risk that the label would start to define me.

Lately I have written some blog posts on the professional organising site that reflect more of my personality and world view. The turning point was What I Learned from Bedbugs which was about learning the benefits of travelling light when I had to clean every item of clothing I possessed on an overseas trip. Soon after I wrote Showing Up in which draws and analogy between Natalie Goldbergs method of showing up for writing practice in the True Secret of Writing, with showing up for a session of simplifying and organising in your own home. And today, I have posted Ordinary Beauty about appreciating the simple everyday beauty available in our own homes. By writing these posts I am setting the tone for my own business and helping potential clients understand my values and perspective.

In May I will be doing an online writing course with Tammy Strobel from Rowdy Kittens. Tammy is a writer and photographer who blogs about tiny house living and how to be happy with less material posessions. I think she does a great job of presenting an authentic voice and vision across various mediums. I am looking forward to linking up with her and other writers in the hope of deepening and focussing my own writing.


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