Another Kind of Change

Given this blog has change and transition as a theme, there is one change that I want to mention, although I feel some reluctance in doing so. I feel shy to write about it, but there it is, right in front of me. Looming. The change concerns a women’s health issue, so if thats something that would make you uncomfortable or bore you, feel free to jump over to YouTube or Facebook or the next post on your Reader for 10 minutes. You have my full permission to bail out now!

Perhaps you have already guessed what this post is about. Given that I am in my early 50’s there’s a physical change I need to go through fairly soon, that can’t be avoided.  When I say it can’t be avoided, thats not quite true, because I am on medication that is postponing the process and masking the symptoms. What I need to do is go off that medication and see where I am up to. If I collapse in a screaming heap, or find myself burning up, or just want to cry all the time, I may need to go on a different treatment to manage the situation.

Those of you who are very perceptive might have picked up that I am a little reluctant to find out where I am up to, and a little fearful of the process. Given that I am the happiest I have ever been, I have been reluctant to rock the boat. In fact I was supposed to go off my current medication six months ago, but felt that I was already dealing with enough transition in my life so have been putting it off.

Having said that, I am starting to be aware of the benefits of getting to the other side of this change. It could save me money, and give me back one weekend in four that is currently given over to lounging around the house. But more than that, I think its important to embrace each stage of life, and not try to hold back the clock. I don’t think there is anything to be gained by avoiding the inevitable.

So I am starting to prepare myself for the transition. If I want to snuggle on the lounge with a hot water bottle and drown myself in TV, I can do that anytime. I don’t have to feel I will be missing out.


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