Changes are Coming

I am acutely conscious at the moment, that changes are coming. Of course change is always coming, always with us. Nothing in life is certain. The changes I am becoming conscious of are the big changes that come at the end of our lives.

My parents and their generation are ageing. Early old age, the period after retirement, can be a wonderful time of life, a time of freedom and adventure. A time to see the world and contribute to family and society. But there is a gradual shift that takes place through the ageing process, as illness and incapacity have their impact. Sudden events such as falls and strokes can bring on irrevocable changes overnight. I see the signs of a shift in the older people around me, and their extended circles. I know that as time passes, sickness and death will have an increasing impact, and I will have to be able to respond.

It was sobering to learn that a young woman a little older than me, in her late 50’s, dropped dead of a heart attack recently. She was my generation. I remember her as a little red-headed girl with freckles and its hard to believe that now her life is over. I am not ready to think about the passing of my generation, not yet. Buts its a change that will also come.

I feel a connection between the desire to simplify and the growing realisation of the need to be ready for change. I want to be able to respond as events occur, and not be caught out or taken by surprise. Of course I will be taken by surprise, thats inevitiable. But I hope that my own life circumstances will allow me to be flexible and adaptable as the unfolding situation requires.

  1. As my family is beginning the changes you discuss in your post I appreciate your decision to explore these themes in this blog. I am looking forward to reading more of your writing and thanks for following me!

    • LindaMay said:

      I am glad this post struck a chord with you. I feel lighter in myself for having spoken about it actually.

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