I Refuse to Discuss Daylight Saving

Twice a year I find myself embroiled in complex and circuitous discussions about Daylight Saving – when it starts or ends, and how it works. This is essentially the same discussion over and over again, although the details are reversed according to the time of year. The conversations go something like this:

A: When does daylight saving end?

B: I don’t know.

A: It must be soon.

B: I suppose so. Did anyone say anything?

A: No I was just wondering. I don’t want to miss it.

B: I’ll Google it. Do we but the clocks forward or back?

A: I don’t know.

B: Its something to do with Springing Forward and Falling Back.

A: You could Fall Forward.

B: Thats true. You could Spring Back too. I’m confused. I still think you Spring Forward. That sounds right. It makes more sense.

A: What is it now?

B: Its getting colder. It must be Fall.

A: We don’t have Fall in Australia. We have Autumn.

B: I know, but for the sake of the exercise, its Fall.

A: So that means we Fall Back?

B: I think so, I’ll Google it.

A: Do we gain an hour or lose an hour.

B: I think its a fair system. You lose an hour when it starts, and gain it back at the end. Doing it the other way wouldn’t be fair.

A: So its starting now?

B: No, we just had Summer, and Summer is what Daylight Saving is for, so its ending now. We are Falling Back into normal time.

B: So if we are going back we lose an hour?

A: No we gain an hour. In the middle of the night we put the clock back and we get to sleep through that hour twice. Its a good deal, the end of Daylight Saving. When it starts you put the clock forward an hour, and miss out on that whole hour, which is not as good, but a least you get the sun in the evening to make up for it.

B: Are you sure.

A: No, I’m Confused.

B: I’ll Google it.

This time, I have looked it up (again) and written it all in the back of the address book:

  • Spring – Forward – Lose an Hour (First Sunday in October in NSW Australia)
  • Fall – Back – Gain and Hour (First Sunday in April in NSW Australia)

End of Lesson. End of Discussion. Forever. From now on, we check the book.

In Sydney Australia, clocks go back tonight –  but don’t take my word for it. Google it.

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  1. LindaMay said:

    Since writing this Daylight Saving has ended and I have had the conversation one more time for good measure. This was on the theme of “Will it be darker or lighter when we get up” and “Will we be hungry at dinner time”. We will have to make some observations through the day.

    Alternatively we could just change the clocks, and believe the clocks, and not worry.

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