Early Notification of Train Disruptions

I’d like to thank City Rail for letting me know that the trains are running late and out of timetable order this morning. I was planning to catch a train a few stops to go to a small business course today. It was very helpful to be notified that there was a problem before I even go out of bed.

Actually the announcement was not for me but it wasn’t on the TV or the radio that I heard it. The announcement was for “Customers on plaform 1” but due to the still weather I could hear the platform announcements from my bedroom nearly 1km away. One of the advantages of living up high above a valley I guess.

It was strange to get up knowing that there was a problem with the trains without having been told. I guess years of train travel and subliminal announcement deciphering have made me very attuned to what City Rail have to say. Maybe I have become a City Rail announcement sauvant (Rainman for train announcements). Luckily for me, I can now plan to catch two buses instead of the train if I want to.

Unlucky for you, I don’t have time to write the deep, meaningful and fascinatingly insightful post that I had in mind. Such is life!



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