Thumbnail of the Self

I have just spent about an hour trying to choose a new thumbnail image to represent me on my various online activities. I have been exploring a number of different projects which are split across a variety of websites and I feel like my internet presence has become too fragmented.

The fragmentation was intentional, to give each activity a distinct character, so that you know what to expect when to go to that website or blog. It also allows me to manage the different levels of personal information required for different activities. On the downside, I feel like I am missing out on the benefits of people knowing who I am, that its me, or how to find other things that I am doing. For example some of you are very consistent blog readers that have made a connection with me, but may not realise its the same me presenting something in another forum. If you wanted to buy greeting cards, or use my professional organising services, you wouldn’t know how to do that.

In the interests of greater cohesion I am working on having a single thumbnail and public name that I can use across all venues so that you can know its me. I am aiming for distinctive and appealing image that looks good in thumbnail, and a unique and recognisable name. I don’t have a photo of myself that I really love, so I am going with an image that I have taken myself. That way I don’t need to feel stressed about my picture being everywhere.


The image I have chosen is of colourful tulips which I took in the gardens at Niagara Falls last year. It relates to the image I have been using as a header on this site. It doesn’t work all that well as a large image, but as a thumbnail, it becomes a splash of colour which I think is bright and appealing.

There are a lot of Linda’s out there so  the name I am going to try out is LindaMay. For you mayandseptember folk, the May will be a little clue that its me!

I am planning to revise my personal organising website, and also possibly set up an Etsy store, so I will be able to have a unified identity across all these avenues.

I really love the images of flowers that I took in the Niagara Falls area . It reminds me of a special time on my overseas trip last year. It was Spring and there were tulips everywhere. The gardens around the Falls are beautifully tended.


There is something very joyful about tulips. Whether they are in a formally sculptured and ordered setting, or a more relaxed and casual planting, they have a bright and open quality that makes me feel happy. I used a part of this image below, also from the Niagara Falls area, for my ImageChest Photography business card.


I hope that whatever I am working on, it will have a bright, open and joyful quality, like the tulips. Using the tulip image will help me to remember that.

  1. I love that last image, with the birch tree off on the side, beautiful. Good luck with your change & project. Be well, LindaMay.

  2. LindaMay said:

    Thanks for letting me know you like the image. Niagara Falls in springtime is really a feast for they eyes, you could go there for the gardens alone. For my photography business card, I cut out the bottom right corner of that last image with just the pink tulips to create a floral pattern. It makes me happy when I look at it, and happy to give to people to represent me. I was just logging in again to do a test comment to see how the new image looks, so its great to have someone to reply to!

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