Cornish Fishing Boats

I am fascinated by the interest that people take in things that are old and broken. Increasingly I find that things I once would have dismissed as junk, boring, and unworthy of consideration are catching my eye.

I have been looking through old photos for ideas for more greeting cards and came across some of my favourite images, taken in the fishing villages of Cornwall. As an amateur photographer on holidays, I found myself making the most of what I found each day. I don’t know how long high tide lasts, but it doesn’t seem to be very long, as I often I found myself at the waters edge at low tide. Even so that led to some interesting images. I was fascinated with these stranded wrecks of old boats Newlyn Harbour.

FC51 Old Boats Newlyn

I loved the way the boats were tied to the beach at Mousehole. The rows of ropes made for a tricky walk along the sand.

FC01 Mousehole Harbour

Long before I became interested in the world of pickers and dealers who revel in old wares, I was drawn to the jumble of gear on a working fishing vessel.
FC59 Fishing boat Newlyn

Perhaps it is my Cornish ancestry but I love to look at the boats taking shelter in a strong harbour. This group in Porthleven look particularly well behaved.

FB13 Porthleven Boats

I decided to see if I could create some visual cohesion between the different images of fishing boats which were taken at different times of day and in very different light. I tried black and white but it was too stark, so I went with a faded colour effect. I quite like the bluish cast. There is enough colour to indicate how the scenes looked, but with an aged effect.  I’ll be interested to see how they turn out as prints.

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