Embracing the Visual

I don’t know what to say, because my mind has flipped to visual. I have been working a lot with photographs this week, making my own photographic greeting cards, and looking at other peoples images. I have also been photographing a few things for sale online so my attention is very much on the physical and visual. This is a nice change for me, as I generally live more in my thoughts. However I am hard pressed to string words together for a sensible post. Rather than fight the process, I am going to share a two of my favourite photos of the evening sky taken over the last week or so.

The sky has been very dramatic this week. I go down to the bedroom to get something, and am completely sidetracked by the view out the window. I love these horses tails that were painted across the sky, competing for space with the grey clouds threatening to build up.


Last night there was not a lot of colour in the sky, but the shapes were interesting. I decided to maximise the effect do a black and white sunset.


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