Remember Paris

I have been working on a side project making greeting cards with a view to selling them in shops or markets. Making cards has been an on and off hobby for quite a few years. Recently as a follow up to my big clean-out of 2012 I did a cull of a lot of the card stock that I never liked or used, and just kept the best “in case”. I also went through a shoebox of old photos and threw out a lot of pictures that were unuseable duplicates. Somewhere in that process, and from putting up photos for the blog, I felt inspired to resume card making.

The outcome is Remember Paris, a collection of black and white, and colour greeting cards using pictures taken on my trip early last year. I have divided the collection into four themed sets and thought I would share one picture from each set with you. This is a bookseller from the River Seine set. I like it because it is so typical of Paris, even down to the black cat images on the  magazines.

P1030237 - Version 2

I have a group of classic images that I call Paris Icons. They include the main tourist attractions, but I try to have a slightly different perspective on them. This one worked out well.

P1030105 - Version 2

I included this image in the Paris Life set with some trepidation. Paris Life is photos from the back streets that capture the essence of everyday Paris. I think this photo is going to standout amongst the more traditional images. I love the shapes of the shutters and the peeling paint

It was a revelation to get real prints made up from my holiday pictures. This project was the first time I had seen the images as traditional photos. I thought black and white was the best way to go with Paris, because it seems more arty. But I must admit I love the way the colours pop in a glossy photo. The fourth set is Paris Colour which is some of my favourite colour images.

P1030256 - Version 2

Today was a big day because I summoned up my courage and took sample cards to some local shops and then to the supertrendy King Street. Emboldened by my extensive experience watching pickers and dealers on reality TV, I approached a few shop owners with a friendly smile to see if they would be interested in having my cards in the shop. I was very affirming to get some positive feedback and interest expressed in making orders. I am looking into the possibility of putting the cards on an online site as well.

So here was me thinking you had to be an expert on cameras to be a photographer. There is a lot for me to learn on the technical front, but its nice to know that other people enjoy what I can do in reasonable light with a good compact camera set to auto. Its the act of capturing colours, shapes and textures that I love about photography, and thats hard to get wrong in Paris.


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