Barefoot and Happy

While I was digging around the shoes this morning looking for a missing thong (flipflop/rubber sandal) it occurred to me that this had become my idea of formal wear. It seemed like a big decision to be voluntarily putting on footwear to walk around the house in summer, but I was feeling like I needed some cushioning for my feet. Now that I am working from home, and particularly since it has been the summer break, I haven’t needed to be wearing shoes or dressy clothes nearly as often. I couldn’t find the thong so I took it up another notch and I am now wearing my running shoes and feeling very energetic and efficient as a consequence.

Its a different experience working from home because unless you have and outside job or meeting, it doesn’t really matter what you are wearing. Nevertheless, I do feel the need to cultivate a different mindset on what I deem to be “work days”. These are days were I am working actively on my various creative projects, doing tasks associated with setting up my business, or looking for part-time or freelance work. Often I work barefoot, but I sometimes find it helpful to dress up a little bit more than I would for a relaxation day, which might just mean joggers and a better class of T-shirt.

On work days I aim to build up some momentum by moving purposely between tasks. I have a diary where I make a list of projects and tasks for the week, then pick out various aspects each day. What I choose to do is to some extent influenced by the weather because some days its too hot to be working at the computer for long due to the heat it gives off into the room. I was very productive yesterday to make up for the lost day the day due to heatwave conditions. Today I will do as much as possible as we have another couple of hot days coming up. My other option in hot weather is to get up early or work later in the evening when it is cooler.

I am still getting used to the idea that a work day can be on the weekend, or at least part of the weekend, and a relaxation day can be during the week. I have some residual guilt on weekdays that I should be “at work” but I really enjoy the flexibility I have at the moment. I like working when I feel inspired and being able to do social things on weekdays. As the normal pace of life picks up after the Christmas/New Year lull I will have more work and social activities outside the house and more occasions to get dressed up.

I wonder what my podiatrist will think about my new lifestyle given that the lack of structure in my worklife has translated into a lack of foot support. You see I am supposed to be wearing orthotics to hold up my floppy arches, which does presuppose that one is wearing shoes. Hopefully he will understand that I am not doing serious mileage in my bare feet; and I will endeavour to meet him halfway, by occasionally throwing on some shoes.


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