My First Awards

Over the past few of days I have had the honour of receiving two nominations for the Leibster Blog Award. Thanks to Xavi and Swalia for thinking of me. I was still working on a reply to Xavi’s nomination when Swalia’s arrived. Receiving awards are a rite of passage for emerging bloggers. As these are my first ever nominations I have decided to accept with gratitude and have the full blog award experience. However in the interests of efficiency I will do a joint acceptance.


Firstly I’d like to thank Xavi Geis from The Xavi’s Photoblog for his nomination. Xavi is a photographer located in Spain and we made our connection through a common interest in photography. Xavi has some great black and white photo’s on his blog. Muchas gracias.

Next I would like to thank Swalia from Spiritualboosters for her nomination. Her About page says ‘I am an artist at living – my work of art is my life !’ A great philosophy. We have a common interest in personal development and spirituality.

Here are the rules for receiving this award:

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves. 
2. Answer the questions that the tagger set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people to receive the award and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs!

I gather The Liebster award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

11 Things About Myself:

  1. I am descended from Cornish miners who came to Australia in the mining boom in the mid 19th century.
  2. My most exotic holiday location was the Cook Islands
  3. I studied Indonesian at school and French as an adult. Selamat pagi et bonjour.
  4. I prefer Eastern philosophy over Western philosophy
  5. I like to knit squares in crazy colours to be make into blankets for charity.
  6. I am not much of a cook.
  7. I like to play board games especially Compatability. You should try it.
  8. I make greeting cards with my own photos.
  9. My hobby is to read books – and now blogs.
  10. I love Japanese food. I eat it wherever I go; even ate even ate it in Paris.
  11. I am currently participating in a series of webinars on tax for small business (yay ATO).

My replies to the 11 questions from Xavi:

1. If you could pick any holiday destination, where would you go and why?
I’d like to go in Broome in Western Australia to see the red sand against the brilliant blue of the sea and sky. I think it would be a great place for photography.

2. Are you an early bird or a night owl?
More of an early bird these days as I am excited to get up and check the overnight activity from the blog. Also, its getting hot in the days here, so if I want to get anything done, I need to start early.

3. Favourite thing to spend your time on?
I hope its not corny, but my favourite pastime at the moment is writing the blog. I also love reading other blogs which give me ideas.

4. If you won a ton of cash in the lottery, what would be your first purchase?
A digital SLR camera with a very good lens with a great zoom range and a good flash system. I hate carrying and switching a lot of lenses but I don’t want to compromise picture quality.

5. What are your favourite books?
I am going to go for fiction here and say Jane Austen’s Emma and Pride and Prejudice.

6. And your favourite movie?
One of the most powerful movies I have seen is Kramer vs Kramer about a couple going through a divorce. Also Ordinary People about a guy in therapy because of a family tragedy. Old movies now, but great psychological drama.

7. What language would you like to learn?
My language learning list is Indonesian, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi and Arabic. I have been learning Spanish over the holidays, but I don’t think that’s going to stick.

8. How would your friends describe you in 4 words?
Funny, thoughtful, brave, talkative

9. Sea or mountains?
Mountains. I am not a typical Australian – I’m afraid of the water.

10. What is the craziest thing you have ever seen or done?
Going to on the Shotover River tour in New Zealand in a mini bus is pretty crazy. Narrow roads cut into the edge of a cliff of soft earth. The bus driver opened the bus door so we could look out at the sheer drop we would fall down if we stepped outside.

11. What do you love about blogging?
I love being able to form my thoughts into little stories that might interest other people. Having blogging as an outlet makes my thoughts seem more purposeful and creative. Its nice when what I write resonates with others.

My answer’s to the questions from Swalia:

1. If you could travel anywhere in the world and money was not a hindrance, where would you go? Why?
I’ll accept this as a second trip and go to Scotland because I have ancestors from there and want to see where they came from. I love Scottish accents and scenery as well.

2. Your favorite fictional character and why?
Pollyanna because she played “The Glad Game”.

3. Harry Potter series or The twilight saga?
I haven’t read or seen either but I would have to pick Harry Potter.

4. How old were you before you stopped believing in Santa Claus?
I was about 7. I couldn’t accept that reindeers could fly. I asked my Dad, and he said ask Mum. She told me the truth but I had to keep it a big secret.

5. Twitter or Facebook?

6. Share your top 5 favorite books.
I am going with non-fiction here and I am going to say:

The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh
No Impact Man by Colin Beavan
The Cultural Creatives by Paul H Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson.
The Art of Travel by Alian de Botton
Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things by Randy O Frost and Gail Steketee

7. Spiritual or religious?

8. What makes your day brighter?
Catching up with a friend.

9. Your most memorable moment in 2012?
Standing on the winners podium at Lake Placid Olympic Ski Jump. (Ok I was summer and there was no competition on, but it was still fun).

10.If the genie grants you three wishes, what would they be?

I wish for skill and patience in using the new camera Xavi got for me

I wish for a grant to buy any books I want for the next year.

I wish that the business ideas I am exploring will come to fruition.

11. Your goal for 2013?
Earn a living doing things that I enjoy in a way that makes me feel happy and fulfilled.

My 11 questions for the nominees:

  1. If someone commissioned you to live in another country for six months and blog about it, where would you go and why?
  2. Briefly describe a travel experience that you learned a lot from.
  3. Name three books that have made a big impact on you.
  4. Do you watch TV and if so, what do you like to watch?
  5. What surprised you most about the blogging experience?
  6. What do you like to do for exercise?
  7. If you could have any job, what would it be?
  8. If you could meet three famous people, who would they be and why?
  9. Minimise or collect?
  10. What would you tell your 13 year old self that you wish you had known back then.
  11. What is one goal that you would like to achieve in the next year.

And finally. The nominated blogs:

These are a few of the blogs that I enjoy and reflect a cross section of my own interests. Thanks everyone.


  1. I wanted to stop by here and thank you for the kindness of your nomination. I am glad that you have found something worthwhile in what I have written. Blessings & be well ~

    • Linda said:

      I have a little zen influence myself so feel at home with your blog. Gassho.


  2. reretro said:

    linda- congratulations on double blog awards- and thanks for including reretro in your nominations- it is much appreciated. i loved your responses to the questions- provides quite a snapshot of your personality. i will have trouble answering your question 9 to me…i could write a treatise! xxxx edwina

  3. Linda said:

    Well, I have been quiet for a few days working out how to answer, what questions to write, and what to ask. Not to mention who to nominate. Got up early to finalise it, because as you would know, its expected to be very hot in Sydney today. I probably wont be online much for the rest of the day. I read advice to write it all out in a word document first, which was a good idea. In the end I wrote out web addresses and individual comments for each nominee beforehand as well so that I would put it all together fairly quickly when I was ready to “go live”. I probably got out if it easy by doing two at once as I would have been hard pressed to come up with 22 nominees!

  4. Thanks for the nomination, which I will gratefully decline. I do very much enjoy your blog 🙂 so thank you for nominating me.

  5. Linda said:

    I am glad you enjoy the blog. I quite like the concept of the grateful decline. Its such a lot of work to respond to an award that it can take you away from other things that you need to be doing. I will keep that up my sleeve for future occasions.

  6. Thank you I am honored… will pass on the torch…. And congratulations !!!! Be Blessed

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