New Year’s Eve Thoughts

Its the last day of 2012 and I don’t have a lot to say. I feel like being quiet and soaking in the changes that have happened in the last year. This year, the important things have been said and done. I have made a big change in my life by leaving my steady job, travelling overseas, coming home and simplifying my life, starting a business, writing a blog and getting back into photography. This year I did what I needed to do, and didn’t leave things undone.

In 2012 I explored the hunch that I knew what I wanted to do with my life, but was somehow rejecting it. This has turned out to be the case. Although the ideas are still in the form of quiet voices and subtle suggestions, I do have directions that I want to pursue in 2013. These involve professional organising, writing and photography. The reason I have been rejecting my ideas is that they don’t comply with traditional lifestyles and work roles, and seem too risky or out of character to contemplate. They involve letting go of security and taking a much less predictable path. Some of the things that I am working on are quite personal, and they feel to private to blog about. I don’t want to spoil the magic. So you will forgive me if I don’t tell you everything. I think I may keep a personal journal so that the story can be told when the time is right.

So I am entering 2013 without a lot of concrete plans, but also without a lot of baggage.  Its a nice position to be in. As far as the blog is concerned, I will continue with my reflections on life as it strikes me. I aim share something of my perspective that is of value an interest to readers without sounding like I know nothing, or else sounding like I think I know everything.

This year I have really enjoyed reading other blogs and sharing in the journeys of other bloggers. I now have three blog readers on the go, so that I can look at blogs on a similar theme together. And this from a person how had never read a single blog in January! I have Feedler set up with blogs on minimalism and simplicity, and this is my first go-to blog. I feel like that is my tribe, and I am encouraged and soothed when I read about how people are simplifying their lives. I have Flickr set up with blogs which are more writerly or wordy, for my slow thoughtful reading time. I have put the photographers, world trekkers and adventurers together on the WordPress reader as they require a more high-paced and outgoing mindset. Thanks everyone for your reading, writing and photography. Its great to be part of such a creative community. Thanks also to my real life friends, who read the blog to catch up with what I am doing before we meet up for lunch. There won’t be a test – I promise!

For my 2012 photo highlight I have chosen discovering a rainbow at Niagara Falls. I explored the Falls from both sides, USA and Canada, and had a good look upstream and downstream where there were beautiful gardens with springtime flowers and blossoming trees. Ignore the tourist traps and it is a truly spectacular place to visit.


  1. Hi Linda, Happy New Year”s Eve to you. I’m glad to have just discovered your blog and really look forward to reading more. Thanks for following Gallivance. Wishing you all the best, Terri Vance

    • Linda said:

      Thanks, great to be able to connect up with you too.

  2. Mary said:

    Oh…cancel the staging suggestion, or scale it down. Could you make some large photographs of a house that is on the market and VIRTUALLY STAGE the house? Make a couple large poster trifolds covered with ideas that would work for the house and put them on a cute table or chair in a focal point at a house and even have an audio option, or a computer link to show more information. Throw in an organizing tip and the Realtor will probably get a half percent extra for the house.

    • Linda said:

      Thanks for the suggestions. I am just catching up with comments today after a quiet New Years. My focus would be to help people with decisions regarding managing their own belongings – what to keep and throw away – in the case where they feel some help deciding. Its more of a focus on simplifying life than from the interior design angle. However I do think there is value in getting to know some realtors as they do come in contact with people who might need some help.

      • Mary said:

        Years ago, I sold real estate to first time home buyers. That market is very challenging, since most people KNOW they can’t afford the house they want, but they don’t like it al all! However, those smaller homes REALLY need your help paring down and organizing. I really think that getting real estate agents to include your services as a house warming givt AND paying you for your photography skills will give new owners a better idea of the possibilities for a smaller house. If you can even show the Realtors how they can PROFIT from getting their smaller or drabber homes sold at LESS than the cost of completely staging it with furniture, they will appreciate it. Actually, if you haven’t considered it, gettting a real estate license might easily be worth your time, since you would have special skills to help people sell their homes AND have better insight into how to help people visualize their family in a smaller home.

        Please let me know how you do!

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