The Numb Backside of Creativity

Rather than wafting around in the space between Christmas and New Year I decided to explore a couple of options for bringing in a little cash, namely selling unwanted collectables online and making greeting cards using my own photos. Both of these activities require a certain amount of research and planning. They also involve the manipulation of photos into the correct shape and format.

I have started to develop a system for selling things online that starts with a information sheet where I gather details such as a short description, long description, notes on condition, the weight and dimensions, estimated postage, and the type of photos I need. I also make notes from research about the price and choose a starting price. This systematic approach saves a lot of hassle at the point of entering the information online. I admire people who do a lot of online selling, as its a lot of work, sometimes for little return.

More exciting is the prospect of making photographic greeting cards. I started out with glossy black and white photos of Paris which worked out well. I have now ordered more Paris pictures, both black and white and coloured. I am hoping that they would appeal to gift shops sympathetic to a French theme. I did some research on weekend markets, but that doesn’t seem like a feasible outlet as I don’t have a tent, deckchair or for that matter car to get myself there and set up.

All this activity researching, manipulating photos, and posting and ordering things online has meant a lot of time at the computer and I started to get a numb backside from sitting on it. I have to remind myself to get up and take a walk around! Its almost like real work.

In the midst of all this I heard a clunk but ignored it. Later on I noticed that the black cloth lining the bottom of the chair at my computer was hanging down. At this point I must admit that I am using an old dining chair at the computer. Don’t panic about the ergonomics – its the right height for me – or it was. Closer inspection of the chair showed that the webbing supporting the base has rotted and snapped and the springs are halfway to the floor. Maybe that accounts for the diminished comfort factor. I feel good that I have been so industrious, but not so keen about having to buy a new computer chair.

Anyway, I am still sitting on it.


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  1. Mary said:

    I also spend lots of hours at the computer, but am designing a STANDING DESK, so my monitor ( a 32″ TV) is secured to the wall, and I can stand or sit at a drafting stool.

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