Fit Your Own Oxygen Mask

I have been having a great time since I stopped working in April this year to travel. Since I got back I have been hanging out, sorting out, blogging, going to the gym, lunching, knitting, learning, and setting up a business. It seems like the only thing I haven’t been doing is earning.

Starting a business is a much slower process than I thought. Thinking and planning and setting up and advertising. Spending and spending and spending. Waiting and waiting. Everything seems to take four times as long as I expect. I am putting in a lot of work, but not getting immediate results in terms of income.

Its becoming a strain to have days filled with fluff, but no paid work. Its like having dessert for every meal, without the meat and potatoes.  Life feels insubstantial, like when an airplane flies too high and you get lightheaded.

Based on the progress so far, I think its going to take about 6-12 months to really get things going, and there are no guarantees. There seems to be a natural pace to starting a business that you can’t really rush.  You can’t grow a child more quickly by mothering it twice as much. And I don’t really want to hurry. I want to grow into the process, and with the process. Its something I want to build with care, not slap together in a panic.

So I am still working on being self employed, but also shifting some energy to exploring other work options that can run in parallel, and provide a more predictable source income. This will give me the freedom to keep developing my own interests without having to worry about money to cover expenses. It will also get me back out into the workaday world, mixing with real people, which I am starting to miss while working on my own projects at home.

If the plane flies too high for too long, you have to fit your own oxygen mask. Once you make sure your basic needs are taken care of, then you can then think about helping others.


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