Losing Touch

Once upon I time I would have…

  • Read a glossy magazine over breakfast
  • Walked to the station
  • Caught a bumpy train to work
  • Read a paperback book on the train
  • Worked on the computer
  • Made notes in my leather bound diary
  • Added people to my address book in pencil
  • Wrote letters on pretty textured paper
  • Watched TV
  • Shopped for books at the bookstore
  • Taken photos on my film camera
  • Put developed photos in an album
  • Knitted wool
  • Written in my spiral bound journal

Now I…

  • Read blogs on my iPad
  • Walk to the computer
  • Work on the computer
  • Update my diary on the computer
  • Edit addresses on the computer
  • Send email on the computer
  • Watch TV
  • Shop for books on the computer
  • Read books on the iPad
  • Take photos with an iPod
  • Download photos to the computer
  • Sort photos on the computer
  • Knit
  • Write a blog on the computer

I have willingly embraced the digital world, happy to have things neat and streamlined. But I wonder. Am I losing touch? Where did everything go?

I had better keep knitting.


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