Jacaranda Walk

Here in the southern hemisphere we are in the latter stages of Spring, getting ready for the heat of summer. If you are thinking Spring means tulips and plum blossoms, you can think again. Here its Jacaranda season. The landscape is dotted with splashes of purple from the giant flowing trees. Although I had a lovely quiet, non-digital (almost) Sunday, I did think of you. I went on a Jacaranda walk and took a few photos to share with you.

Jacaranda tree in a back lane

Crows nestle in a Jacaranda tree

Backyard Jacaranda and Blue Sky

Jacaranda Flowers and Buds

But theres more…

Sun dappled leaves.

Red Buds



I hope you have enjoyed Spring Australian style.

  1. Here in Italy, we’re in autumn… your pictures are so beautiful!!! đŸ™‚

    • Linda said:

      Glad you liked the photos. Spring in Australia can be quite dramatic with the strong colours. I am looking out for the purple and red trees side by side. Thats really the best! I will post an occasional glimpse of summer time over the next few months to keep you warmed up.

  2. Katie said:

    Jacarandas are so beautiful, but I think they make me sneeze! Thanks for sharing your pics

    • Linda said:

      Spring is like that. I look forward to it every winter, but some years the hayfever gets out of control. Thats the beauty of photo’s!

    • Linda said:

      Thanks. They are till looking spectacular this week although the flowers are starting to drop. Soon we will have a purple flower carpet on the grass.

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