Looking forward to Sunday

One of the benefits of a 9 to 5 job is that its clear when you need to be at work, and when its OK to be at home relaxing. I remember counting the days to the weekend; the excitement of Fridays. Now that I am at home setting up a business, the days of the week are more similar. Its not so clear when to be working, and when to be relaxing. I sometimes feel like I should be doing something useful all the time, which is something many business owners and creative people need to grapple with.

I try to be active and purposeful on weekdays, and do something to progress setting up the business every day. Setting up the website took a lot of time, and now I am working on getting business cards printed, which doesn’t take so much time working, but some time waiting. Even though I am not at work, Mondays to Fridays have a week day feel about them, because I know that other people are at work, the shops and businesses are open, and the postman calls.

Saturdays have a different vibe. Everyone is busy, busy, but is on their personal projects. Shops and hairdressers and sports and adventures. You can feel the buzz. People have been let out and want to get everything done before the working week starts again. I still do some work related things on Saturdays to keep things moving along, but don’t feel as much pressure to be productive. I guess I still think like an employee in this regard, or maybe observing the weekend is a natural rhythm that we need to give texture to our everyday lives.

I look forward to Sundays, because they are most restful. Many spiritual traditions include a sabbath, a day of rest, a day of mindfulness, or something similar the separates a quiet and reflective day from the rest of the week. They tend to involve spiritual activities, time for reflection and an break from regular work. Even if you are not particularly religious, this seems like an important thing, to stop and take a breath and remember what is important.

I am thinking that I will make Sundays my day of rest, and not expect myself to be doing a lot of working and writing on that day. I like the idea of being “off the hook” and reflecting on what I have already achieved, rather than constantly pushing. Having said that, Sundays can be a day of creativity, because the very absence of pressure to perform can allow ideas to flow.

So no rules and no promises. I’ll keep the day of rest in mind as Sunday comes around. Even so, I will take each day as it comes, following where my energy is headed and doing what it feels right to be doing. Thats the freedom that I left structured work to experience.

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