The Littlest Hobo of Hair

I had my haircut. It looks fresh and light and a few months younger. Why am I not happy?

For the last six months I have been growing my hair, practically squeezing it out at the roots through sheer willpower, because I wanted to change the style. I looked like a dag* in the USA, Canada and France earlier in the year because I was growing my hair, and I looked like a dag since I got home for the same reason. I was making progress, so that I had to clip my hair back behind the ears to keep in under rcontrol, and that was really very daggy.*

I have been having doubts that I was going to be able to hold out for long hair because I am starting my new business and want to look presentable. I don’t have a T-shirt that says “My hair looks like this because I am growing it into a fabulous new style” so I have been feeling self conscious about it.

Unfortunately I have been engaged in this task without the supervision of a regular hairdresser so everywhere I go I have to start the hair growing story from scratch. Just when I found someone I thought could see me through the process, the salon closed.

So recently I went to someone I had been to before and explained the whole scenario. We looked a pictures and we nodded.

I don’t look like the picture. I look like I did about 5 months ago when I had just started growing my hair. All the length and volume is gone, and I am back to square one.

Its a good cut, I know. I keep telling myself I look better with less hair. But its not what I wanted and I walked away feeling disappointed. I got what was “good for me” not what I asked for.

The problem with communicating about hair is I don’t know how to say what I want, and once the process gets going, its difficult to interrupt. I am also not sure what the other person is hearing, or if they are really listening and getting with the project.

I have thick hair with lots of body. I like it when the hairdresser uses the volume to create a style rather than going crazy with the thinning scissors then adding a ton of product to add back body! I feel like an important part of me is being rejected when people want to strip all the volume out of my hair to make it sit flat. (Don’t get me started on the pressure to dye out the grey).

I seem to be the Littlest Hobo of Hair. Going from salon to salon, searching for my true home. I am ever hoping to find someone who understands my hair, and me, and has a similar idea of what looks good. My dream is to find someone on the same wavelenght so that I don’t have to try to explain what I want cut by cut. Trying to describe a haircut in bits never seems to quite work out. It looks like a crazy jigsaw if they are too literal and can’t interpret my ideas into a complete style.

I will have to soothe my disappointment and keep searching. At least there was something noble about the Littlest Hobo. For him the journey was the story.

Back on the road in search of the next salon…

* Aussie Expression: Dag

Dag a colloquial expression for a slovenly, untidy person, or a person who while neat in appearance, lacks style. It also means the messy wool around a sheep’s bottom. You can see the connection.

PS Categoried as Personal Growth because I am not setting up a category for Hair Growth


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