Addicted to Like

I have decided to run mayandseptember blog on the WISIWYG principle or What I See Is What You Get. I am going to reflect on the things that are grabbing my attention in the moment. This seems to be the most lively way to approach this type of writing, and gets the most response.

Today its not so much what I am seeing, as hearing. I can’t get Robert Palmers song out of my head, that throbbing beat..

I’m gonna have to face it, I’m addicted to Like.

OK I did play with the lyrics there, as he is singing addicted to Love. But its Blog and Facebook Likes that I am thinking about. I generally write my blog posts in the morning when other Australians are safely at work, and much of the rest of the world is still asleep or trapped in yesterday. This means that most of my feedback arrives in the morning of the next day. Its really exciting to find a few wordpress emails reporting on Likes or Follows. If I don’t write daily, the emails drop off, and I start to feel lonely. Am I addicted to Like?

I tend to check out the blogs of people who respond to my blog, and often add them to my reader, so I can read on the iPad while lying on the lounge. Apologies to WordPress, but I use the Google Reader through Flipboard as I find this easier to manage. Downside of this approach is that is a pain to give feedback in the form of Likes and Comments and to edit the Reader while reclined and not logged in. I get around this by emailing posts to myself, so that I can respond to them later while sitting up at the computer in my more business-like mode. I think my Comments make more sense when written in the upright position. However all this does take time and organisation – probably an hour a half a day on writing the blog, responding to feedback, reading other blogs, and managing the reader.

Its getting more complicated now as I have launched a website for my new professional organising business which also has a blog, so I will probably be  sharing my thoughts on “stuff and how to handle it” in that venue. Its also got a Facebook page, as well as my personal Facebook page. Its starting to get confusing because I wanted my work Facebook to link to my work email, but somehow the web knows its really me and has linked my work Facebook to my personal email. Same issue with Linked In using the personal email.

I want my work Facebook and website to start Liking and being Liked to make connections with people who are interested in decluttering and organising however I am not sure how to issue Likes as my work self, rather than my personal self, particularly on the iPad where I don’t know how to toggle between my identities. Should I just confess I am only one person?

These are exciting times and I am enjoying feeling connected with all of you out there in the digital world, but also feeling a bit spaced out by all this digital activity. I do realise that you are real flesh and blood people, but when I log out, you vanish and I am back in my loungeroom in suburban Sydney. I think its important that I contain the time I spend on Liking and being Liked  (or seeing who Likes me) in order to keep in touch with the real world and my real world friends.

I think this phase of “dominance of the digital” will pass when the business picks up. Once I am getting more work helping people sort through their stuff, the  neat and tidy world of the internet will act as an antidote to the physicality of stuff.


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