Embracing Diversity

When I started out writing this blog, nobody knew about it, and I didn’t tell anybody. I just let people find me by accident. Not many did. Then I started to let out the news to my friends, because I wanted to be able to talk about the experience of writing the blog, and that meant people had to know about it. This boosted my readership to five or six. In the last few weeks, something has happened and a quite a few more people have found me. This seems to have occurred through the various tags that I have used, like simplicity, collecting, ebay, photography, space, jellyfish and so on attracting the attention of people with those interests.

What has been interesting has been the diversity of the bloggers who have responded. Its been an eyeopener. I don’t know who I thought you would be, but if I am honest, I suppose I imagined lots of mini-me’s. Middle aged women like me, or girls who where going to grow up and be just like me (quiet, thoughtful, middle aged ladies!). I was writing the blog I wished I could have stumbled on when I was 19 (or 29 or 39) and that somehow it would have made being me bit easier along the way. Actually, writing the blog makes me feel better now.

What I am learning is I can’t predict or control who will find my writing appealing, and which particular thing resonates. I am also learning that it would be ridiculous to try to please everyone all the time, because everyone is so different. I just need to stick with being myself, and allowing readers to relate to that as they wish. Its exciting to discover new people through the blog, and to get connected to that big wide world, bigger and wider than I had imagined, through the written word.

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  1. I’m with ya, interesting tagging = meeting interesting new people 🙂

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