Office of the Day

Today my office was a sunny park which smelled of spring blossoms. It was hot in the sun, but there was a cool breeze blowing. My workstation was a green park bench with a view of the passing trains. I was there for 30 minutes, waiting to go to an appointment with an accountant.

I dont’ have a car. This is an issue that may need to be resolved when my professional organising business gets going. I like getting about on buses, trains and on foot. But it is very slow, and expensive too, if you are out everyday.  It seems inefficient to take 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to a place 20 minutes drive from home. But then again, I had a walk (to the bus stop), prepared for the meeting with the accountant, drafted out todays post, and took photos during that time. Maybe working without a car is not as ridiculous as it sounds, if I can find ways to use the travel time.

It makes me wonder, can I really do this? Can I really have a job that allows me to sit in a park writing on a Thursday morning. It is a tantalising possibility. Every day a different schedule. Different places. DIfferent things to focus on. Of course the missing element just now is the actual work, and the actual income. (I am living on my savings while I start a business).

The accountant helped me get unstuck on a few issues that were holding me up like how it all works with business names, bank accounts, tax, insurance and super. He very generously spent 45 minutes with me for free. I came away feeling like I was on the right track and with a stronger sense that the possibility of working for myself was achieveable.

In the afternoon, I made some calls about Public Liability Insurance. I know this might be hard to understand, but I had been putting off this task for a while. As it turned out, it was really exciting. It is going to cost so much less than I expected, I am ecstatic about it. I can afford to go ahead and sort that before I start to get paying clients.

Later the community college called in response to my enquiry about a course in small business management. The teacher was so enthusiastic I feel very tempted to go ahead and do it, just to have a mentor, and little focus group to hang out with while I go through the process. It is an expense, but I think it might be worth it to combat the isolation of working from home, and avoid my wheels from spinning.

So its been a productive day. I will leave you with a couple of photos from this morning’s temporary office. Enjoy.


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