Putting It Out There…

I have been blogging on this site for three months now, and my strategy was to just start writing, and not get too hung up on attracting readers. I chose this approach because I wanted to write, but felt very shy about it. I have really enjoyed the process, and even if no-one else was reading, at least I was enjoying doing it. The process has helped me to clarify my ideas. I like the post format, as it allows one thought to be shared as a complete work itself. Its rewarding to see a thought that I have been mulling over for a while take from as a little artwork.

I also really enjoy taking photos, and it is giving me a lot of satisfaction to slot my pictures into the posts to illustrate the theme. It’s interesting that photos which are not necessarily “good photos” from some points of view, can make great banners or illustrations. I love how a photo that began as a travel snap, associated with a very specific time and place in my experience, can take on a timeless quality, and become a metaphor for a theme that I am writing about.

Now that I am embracing the minimalist concept as an organising principle, I feel much more comfortable about having a blog that is quite simple in its presentation. The pictures are not fancy and the structure of the blog is emerging organically, but it feels like it is all working together to convey my ideas. I am really attracted to the idea of finding beauty in simplicity and aiming to achieve that in everything I do.

I have also been trialling the launch of a professional organising business and have ads out for two weeks. Two weeks isn’t long but it feels like an ETERNITY as I had been thinking about the idea for a while before I went public. As mentioned in an earlier post, I have been feeling restless because I want to get moving on that project and I can’t do it without clients.

Anyway, just when I was beginning to feel like nothing was happening, things have started to shift. The Disappointment post seems to have hit a chord with a few people. I really enjoyed writing it. I went out yesterday morning feeling like I had completed something, a small “piece of work” that stood on its own merits. So it was really exciting when I got home yesterday afternoon and found a handful of Likes in the email. It also confirmed my suspicion that the stats I have been monitoring are meaningless, as I got twice as many Likes as views. I am just going to have to assume that you are out there!

Even more exciting was amongst the wordpress notification emails was a response to my professional organising ad. Wow. Something is happening. I feel encouraged to hang on with this process and continue to give The Experiment of working with my intuition room to develop.

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  1. Linda said:

    Thanks for your response one and all. I see that your are out there after all. I just fixed the heading for this post. Is seems to have fallen off at some point. It was called “Putting it Out There..”

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