Brain Wars

I am experiencing brain war. My right brain (the creative, expressive side) is having a wonderful time writing and thinking and coming up with big ideas. My left brain (the practical, logical side) doesn’t know what my right brain is doing. My left brain just wants to get up on Monday and go to work and do something difficult (OK Tuesday since Monday is a public holiday this week).

I doubt that brain function is a simple as the right/left theory suggests, but I do find a tendency in myself to switch between the analytical and the expressive; the active and the thoughtful. When I worked full-time in an analytical role, I felt that there wasn’t sufficient scope for my creativity, or for interpersonal interaction. Now that I have had the freedom to be creative for a long period of time, I am starting to long for a bit of structure and external challenge.

It is two weeks since I began the trial of a business as a professional organiser by putting out a few ads to attract local customers. Since I have not had a response, I am going to need to ramp up the advertising and promotions. In the meantime, I have a strong feeling like I should be doing something, but I don’t know what. I am not used to my work being dependent on attracting individual clients. I feel ready to start, but I need to find people who feel they will benefit from the service I am offering, or help them find me! Its a very different experience to being employed in a regular job.

Its six months since I left the office, and if I am honest, I am starting to miss organisational life. I am missing being part of a team, running into old acquaintances, and meeting new people. I am also starting to miss being able to make use of my knowledge and experience in the work environment.  Thats a good sign because it means I am recovering from the overload that I was feeling earlier in the year.

I think its likely that I will end up with a mixed employment model.  The professional organising business will take time to build up. In the meantime, I might benefit from getting out into the world of work a couple of days a week. I am hoping I can come up with a balanced model that brings in sufficient income, and keeps both halves of my brain happy.

Sign in Toronto Canada


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