Oy Vey eBay

Today I put up my first ever item for sale on eBay. I decided it was time to learn how to do it. I figured it must be possible to work out how without paying for a course at community college (yes they do have one for selling on eBay!)

Registering and putting up a photo and description on the item for sale were fairly straightforward. The things that I find difficult are understanding the options for payment and postage, and their implications. Since the item that I am selling is not worth much, I want to charge extra for postage. I have put a flat rate for within Australia, but I can’t really understand how to cater for the situation where the buyer is overseas, so I excluded overseas buyers for the time being.

I chose to sell an old film camera as my test case. Its small and light and could be posted fairly easily. I doubt its worth much as its fully automatic. I imagine camera collectors are more interested in manual cameras with lots of gizmos.

I have a starting price of 99 cents on it, but its probably not worth the effort to sell for less than $10. The sad part is that if the price tag on the box is to be believed, I paid $499 for it. Now I see it is as a bit of cheap junk.

I have three other obsolete cameras that I am thinking of selling. Two are bulkier with more attachments and were more valuable when new. Ironically, the oldest is probably worth the most, as it has become a collectors item. A 10 year old film camera seems to be worth next to nothing. And a dodgy compact digital camera with neurotic tendencies, likewise. It makes me very reluctant to spend good money on technological objects that are going to be obsolete in a few years!

Pentax ESPIO 115M Film Camera Seeks a Good Home


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