A New Venture

While I was doing a big sort out of my belongings recently I did a lot of reading about minimalism, and simplicity, and peoples relationship with the things they bring into their lives. I enjoyed the process of deciding what to keep and what to let go, and I found it very satisfying to see things that had been unused for years go off, like kids starting school, to a new life full of potential.

The method I used to guide this process was the principles that I have been writing about in my posts; letting go of the shoulds, following my energy, and using my intuition. At no point did I say to myself, “I must clean out the garage”. I just had an idea and followed it, and it gained momentum. Nor did I force myself to get rid of anything. I just let my hands decide which pile to put things in, keep or let go, and didn’t think about it too much.

This led me to wonder if this approach would work for other people who feel they have too much stuff in their lives. I have been looking into setting up as a Professional Organiser. So far I have registered for a business number and put a few ads in an online site as a trial.

My approach would be to focus on the beauty of simplicity, and valuing and making use of the ordinary objects with are a part of our lives. Its about identifying and keeping things that are enhancing our lives, and letting go things from the past that have become obstacles to living as we want to live today.

I would really like to explore how to help other people follow up on their energy for change, and to support them in using their intuition to guide them, rather than getting tied up with shoulds. I am hoping a few people will emerge who are interested in trying out this approach. I am located in the southern suburbs of Sydney Australia.




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