Push vs Flow

There are two main strategies for getting things done. Pushing, and Flowing. I like Flowing.

Pushing is when you set clear and defined goals, with subgoals, timeframes and accountabilities. Its when you force yourself to do things you don’t want to, because you think you “should”. Its when you decide to “never give up” even though what you are trying to do is starting to seem impossible, and not worth the effort and sacrifice.

Flowing is when you have an idea of whats important then move towards it using your natural momentum. Its about being aware of where your energy is headed, and jumping on for the ride. Its about taking a break when your energy is depleted. and getting going again when you feel fresh. Its about letting go of something when your interest has moved on.

Pushing is the dominant strategy in our society. Its what the goal setting gurus tell us to do. And it works for some people – elite athletes for example. But it has never worked well for me. When I find myself pushing for something, it feels at though I am out of touch with my true goals or my true needs. I get sick. I get stressed. I hurt myself.

Flowing works for me because it allows me to stay in touch with my intuition, and gives me the flexibility to adapt to conditions as they arise.  This enables me to make good use of my natural energy and interest to move forward, rather than using my energy against myself.


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