Blocking, Flowing and Flooding

I went quiet there for a minute. A temporary disruption in the flow. Flowing is the way I like to work. Its about picking up on where my energy is headed, and following that while its moving strongly, then switching to the next activity. Its like jumping a series of waves one after the other; I get further that way. Switching between a few projects keeps me fresh.

I could tell you that I was doing my tax, which I was. But actually I was feeling a bit shy about the whole blog concept, so I took a break for a couple of days. That was a week ago and today when I woke up I felt like something was missing. It was because I had stopped writing. Fear had blocked the flow.

I also started to write about intuition, and then decided that it would make more sense to write a series of posts on intuition. I was concerned about being misunderstood, and trying to plot the whole thing out in advance. I wrote about five draft posts. Problem is, I haven’t put them up yet because they seem a bit heavy and complicated, and break up the natural flow of the blog. I was flooded with ideas, but planning ahead in that way seemed to be contrary to the spontaneous nature of the blog.

Now I am back in the flow, and more conscious of how it gets disrupted. Fear can cause me to slow down to a stop. But a personal favourite of mine is to overcomplicate things to the extent that I get overwhelmed, get exhausted and give up. I am aiming to keep the blog honest and simple, so that I can live in the flow, and not get beached.



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