Where was I?

I started this blog on the private setting so that I could practice making and publishing posts before going public. After writing a few I decided to check out a few other blogs to see what other people were doing. I found myself emersed in blogs, reading archives of quite a number of them. I started to feel intimidated by the complexity of the blogosphere and the possibilities for gathering and audience, networking, making money and writing eBooks.

Somewhere along the way, I stopped writing my own blog. But thats OK. The flurry of blog reading activity has subsided and I have decided to stick with my original plan. I am going to record what I am reading and thinking about, and throw in a few of my photos.  If I don’t have a relevant or complementary photo the blog can remain text only. I have made the blog public today, but I am not going to seek out an audience. For the time being, I am content to wait and see if who finds me.

The blog reading may have seemed like a sidetrack, but thats how it is with me. I get onto a topic and go into it in great detail until I reach saturation point, then slow down or stop. I am reluctant to make a list of topics the blog will be about, because I don’t know what is going to emerge next. Nevertheless themes do recur, and tend to build over time, so I will use them to build the Category headings as I go along. Today I will add Blogs and Blogging.


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