Living Large

I have been reading Oh Mexico: Love and Adventure in Mexico, by Lucy Neville. The book is an account of two years Lucy spent living and working in Mexico City after leaving university. When explaining the decision to go to Mexico she describes the careers sessions held at her university at the end of the course:

Now – after we had spent three years debating political economic systems and having come to the conclusion that neo-liberal capitalism was both unethical and environmentally unsustainable – they were telling us that, if we were lucky, we would get a job working for a multinational corporation. p.9

Rather than take the conventional route, Lucy decides to move to Latin America for a year to improve her Spanish.

I think many of us face its mismatch between the ideals and aspirations that arise from our education, and the reality of the job market. I am facing it now. Lucy solved the problem by travelling, teaching English, and being open to the prospect of only earning enough to get by.

Lucy was subsequently able to turn her experience into a book, which is one viable option for creative people who are willing to live large, then write about it.

One paragraph which stood out for me was on one of my favourite topics at the moment – To Do Lists.

Ricardo found my writing of to-do lists absurd. ‘Surely you’d get more done by just doing things rather than writing the things you intend to do,’ he would say. p.236

Its interesting how many of us are grappling with the same dilemmas. How do we organise our time? What function To-Do-List really play in our lives? Once I would not have understood Ricardo’s reaction, but now I think he has a point.


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