Looking and Not Finding

As an experiment I had a look at job hunting website today. What an awful experience. There were over 250 jobs in the category I was looking at, however most of the ads were placed by employment agencies. As a consequence the specific company looking for staff was not named, and in some cases the industry was not even listed.  So what you get is a fairly general list of IT related skills, a very vague indication of the location and not much indication of what you would be working on or where. When I was able to get through to one of the agents, she was still not very forthcoming in explaining what the job was actually about.

This is a challenge for me because I can’t put my intuition to work to decide between options when they are devoid of details or distinguishing features. There is nothing to be attracted to, nothing to get excited about. I found the whole process rather disturbing. Sheep rearing is looking more and more appealing.



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