Life without Lists

I have decided to try leading my private life free of To Do Lists. I am doing this as an experiment because I realised that things that were essential were going to make their presence felt and get done anyway. This includes such gems as:

– take out the garbage
– make bed
– wash sheets
– get a job

Then there are things that are optional and tend to bring themselves to the fore if the time is right, such as:

– enquire about short courses in photography
– wash balcony windows
– have lunch with friend

And some things which are just fun and interesting really have no place on a list:
– read book
– go for a walk
– learn French

Making lists and ticking things off can be a way of feeling like I am achieving something, but I found that this arose out of a fear that I would not be able to make use of my time effectively. In practice the lists made me anxious about getting this arbitrary set of activities done and blocked the spontaneity to do other things.

So now I aim to do what is necessary without fuss, and choose between optional and enjoyable activities as I feel moved. Interestingly I have been getting more done, and getting more pleasure out of doing it.


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